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About Us

As Dome Silva family, we are working to offer you the highest quality DOME houses, which is seen as today’s need and rising trend. 

By combining our industrial engineering, civil engineering, woodworking knowledge and skills and our experience of more than 40 years, we have succeeded in producing the highest quality DOME houses at the most affordable prices. 

We are proud to bring you Dome Silva, which is perfect with its material structure, design and production technique, and to see you among us.

Worldwide Shipping

We are thrilled to announce that Dome Silva can be delivered to any customer worldwide. We provide a safe and fast service all over the world.

Corporate Project

We provide services with corporate projects with special designs and personalizations for your tourism and other corporate projects.

Assembly and Service

Our expert technical team will assemble Dome Silva for you. All you need to do is to enjoy the unique experience of Dome Silva.

Why Choose Us?


Panoramic roof, interior colors, and other accessory options. Design your own Dome Silva!

Multiple Sizes

Our smallest model is 6.58 m in diameter. We can enlarge Dome Silva and connect two or more Domes to each other.


Dome Silva has proven itself in the coldest and hottest climates. It is 100% waterproof, equipped with heat and sound insulation and passive air circulation.


Domes are manufactured in the most durable way by using the highest quality materials. Dome Silva guarantees many years of use.


Thanks to our forty years of experience and lean production technique, we offer you the best quality at the most affordable price.

Special Projects

Dome Silva is fully customizable for both individual and corporate customers.

Low Maintenance

Dome Silva does not require any major maintenance. All steel parts are protected against corrosion.


Dome Silva is disassembled. You can disassemble Dome Silva and reassemble it wherever you want.


Most frequent questions and answers

The main structural materials are wood, steel profile, aluminum, glass. These materials are completely natural materials. MDF lam, OSB, rock wool, plywood and laminate flooring are used in the interior.

4cm rock wool insulation material is used on the exterior walls and floor. This provides both sound and heat insulation. In addition, an insulation layer called moisture baryer, which is vapor permeable and does not allow water passage, is used.

The outer surface is completely oven painted sheet metal material and the parts are tightly connected to each other with 3 M10 bolts and mastic based insulation materials are used against water leakage.

The sustainability of the dome house is an important factor. Sustainable solutions, such as recyclable materials used in the construction of the dome house or the use of renewable energy sources, are important factors.

Since the product consists of modular parts, a damaged part can be easily replaced with a spare. Other modules are not affected at this stage. The part can be easily removed from the others.

With its outer shell, it can be used as an office, workshop, cafe, exhibition area, sales point, etc., but it can also be used as a summer – winter shelter and home with bathroom and kitchen laves.

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